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What’s Your Emergency

Aug 4, 2021

Everyone in the first responder family needs to be thinking about life after the job. Whether you're a few weeks from retirement or looking at a full 30 years ahead of you, your thoughts need to be focused on being safe and what to do later.

This week the guys welcome LEO 2 CEO founder Adam Wills to discuss his efforts in helping other LEOs prepare for life after the badge. Take a look at the community using our affiliate link and see if you meet the definition of "Copreneur"...and to save $50 off your membership!

In our interview, you'll learn:

  • How being part of a community of peers can help guide your plan
  • That something you do as a "side gig" could very easily be a primary money maker
  • The importance of a cohesive brand and plan
  • How on Earth Adam became the Undersheriff in his early 30's