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What’s Your Emergency

Jan 29, 2020

Australian Paramedic and Firefighter, or "Firey," Nick Williams is in studio to talk about the devastating and seemingly unstoppable wildfires engulfing Australia. He discusses his responsibilities as a Paramedic and part time firefighter as well as the organizational make up of the fire resources in his region. Even...

Jan 22, 2020

No, the guys aren't going on a 5 week vacation, but boy do they want to!

Friend of the show Mr Nick Williams (G'Day Nick!) dropped an Ask in the box about where Jason and Justin would go if they were able to take 5 weeks off like Mr Nick did over the holidays.

Where would you go with that much time off?

Jan 15, 2020

In this premier episode of Season 2 of What's Your Emergency, your hosts Jason (Law Enforcement expert) and Justin (Fire and EMS expert) outline their personal and professional goals for 2020 and remind their listeners that you don't have to stop improving when your list from January ends.

  • Will Jason retire in...